Makerland Tutorials | Your first steps with the Internet of Things

Makerland tutorials

Your first steps with the Internet of Things

You're looking at the open source book with 150+ pages of simple to follow tutorials that will guide you into programming, electronics, design and DIY. This book was created by Makerland conference to give attendees an easy way to explore the content during the event and learn.

Makerland Tutorials will give you a chance to start your journey with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, quadcopter, 3D Modeling, wearable tech or home automation.

This book is not meant to be read in the armchair, with a cup of tea. It's a “hands on” workbook to help you dive into the wonderful world of Internet of Things.

Makerland Tutorials is released under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike (CC-NC-SA) license. All proceeds from this book are only covering the printing and production costs.


Paperback edition has 150+ black and white pages of awesome material. Full-color laminated covers with gloss finish. The cost of the book is only covering the printing and production costs.


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Get a full-color PDF with complete tutorials. This version is now “pay what you want” (from absolutely free to what you think is fair). We want as many people as possible to start thei journey with Internet of Things, so this hopefully can help those on the budget.


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Why this book:
  • It's tested and approved by 300 Makers who attended our conference: Makerland.

  • It's for everyone: designers, artists, software developers, managers or else. It’ll teach you make things & program a little bit at the same time!

  • It's easy: become a Maker and make your own hardware, one tutorial at a time.

  • It's community driven: various expert in the field created this book to help you kick off.

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  • "Fantastic idea. Great execution."- Rachel Rayns, Raspberry Pi

  • "The book was a great idea, very well done and useful."- Pierre Gerlach, CTO of Qleek


Topics covered in a book:

Dancing drones
Control the flying robot

Learn how to fly AR Drone, program it using Node.js and stream video from its HD camera.

3D Modeling
3D modeling
Create 3D models

Get to know basics of modeling your ideas and preparing your model for 3D printing.

Solder, wire, glue!
Solder, wire!
Basics of soldering

It’s one of the basic skill you have to learn to become a Maker. In this workshop you'll build your own Arduino shield.

Dive! Dive! Dive!
Build your underwater robot!

Grab a breakfast container and start creating your first underwater antonomous swimming device.

3D Modeling
Start a robot arena

Build a 2 wheeled battle-worthy sumobot, learn how to program it and fight in a sumo arena!

3D Modeling
Smart Watch
Invent your own watch

Learn how to use Arduino Lilypad, conductive thread and build wearable device.

House Control
Using Python/Ruby & Arduino

Arduino 101. Take your first steps with Arduino and build your home control center!

3D Modeling
Hens' Happiness
Is the egg out already?

Raspberry Pi 101. Check if your hen's egg is ready, stream video and tweet.

3D Modeling
Hack Your House
Home Automation

Open your door lock with your phone, sms or proximity sensor with Arduino.

Tinkering with Arduino
Arduino 101

Learn about Firmata, Arduino and start programming in Python, Ruby or Node.js

3D Modeling
Classic Video Games
with a Raspberry Pi!

Build a retro game bot and play your favourite classic games again.

3D Modeling
Magic Lights
Home automation

Let the lights follow you with a Fitbit and Philips Hue. Looks like magic!

Open Source
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This book is open sourced, which mean that you can help us improve it! Found an error? Fork our github repository and submit a pull request.

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We released Makerland Tutorials under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike (CC-NC-SA) license. Translating into human: you can modify and distribute this work, but not for commercial use and you must give credit to original author. Learn more >


There is a lot of authors of this book because of the fact how it was prepared. All the workshop leaders at Makerland 2014 created one chapter - tutorial for their workshop. We put all of them together to release a conference book.

Mike Swift Paweł Szymczykowski Andrew Nesbitt Charalampos Doukas
Miłosz Dąbrowski Felix Geisendorfer Robin Mehner Alan MacCullagh
Karolina Chmiel Szymon Kubicki Fustyna Faldzińska Antoni Kiedracki
Wojtek Siudziński Jon Gottfried Matt Kozak Martin Evans
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